Originally KeyCore designed the algorithm of METATAGGER.IO for ALLER – one of the leading media enterprises in Scandinavia.


ALLER was looking to increase the utilization of existing picture databases across four countries by mapping celebrities – delivering better content to the editorial staff and reducing cost for producing new materials.

Furthermore they needed to ensure proper metadata tagging for all existing ALLER owned images and ensure fast continuous tagging of all future images.

To do this use of AI in the enrichment of metadata to secure cost efficiency & errors vs human processing was pivotal.



The solution delivers a real-time analysis of images in order to automate facial recognition, identification and tagging of the more than 800.000 images generated every year.

Implementing the solution has ensured ALLER a value maximizing and resource-demand reducing solution enabling them to increase use, reuse and resale of digital assets significantly.


As an ultimate proof of concept the solution developed by KeyCore was deployed on the more than 18.000.000 files in ALLER’s DAM with great success. A task which would have required more than 44 FTEs of manual work.

With the solution running ALLER estimate yearly savings of up to €3 mill. in man hours and a huge gain in revenues from reuse and resale of their digital assets.


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